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Who or what is a Company Secretary in Practice?

India, unlike most other countries, has developed a field of professional practice called practising company secretaries. Unlike what the name may suggest, these professionals render variety of professional services, though centered around corporate laws. In several spheres, for example, secretarial audit, services of practising company secretaries are mandatory in law. In many other spheres, practising company secretaries share equivalent status with other professionals such as chartered accountants.

What can Company Secretary in Practice do?

  • While different professionals may have different areas of expertise, most practising company secretaries render company secretarial services - such as taking care of corporate law compliances, handling company law matters, and so on.
  • Can a practising company secretary (PCS) appear before a court? No. That power is reserved with legal professionals. However, PCSs do provide back support in corporate law litigation.
  • Can a PCS give legal opinions on company law matters - certainly yes. Not just in company law matters but in matters pertaining to securities laws, foreign exchange laws, competition laws, etc. Much would depend on the proficiency of the individual concerned.
  • Can a PCS handle corporate law litigation in quasi-judicial bodies, say, Company Law Board? - certainly yes.

Vinod Kothari & Company

Vinod Kothari & Company was set up in 1988. Vinod Kothari has been a former chairman of the Eastern India Regional Council of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Vinod Kothari is also one of the editors of Ramaiya's Company Law, a tome on company law and an unquestionable source of authority on the subject.


We are group of highly motivated young professionals. Vinod Kothari & Company prides itself in being one of the most coveted places where young professionals aspire to come, to get into the grind of being trained in the best traditions of a noble profession.

We have a team consisting of qualified company secretaries, chartered accountants and lawyers.


Currently, we are based out of Kolkata. In Western India, we offer our services from Surat with ability to reach out to both Ahmedabad and Mumbai. We will soon have a permanent team in Mumbai too.

Areas of practice:

  • Company Law Board proceedings in complex matters concerning oppression, mismanagement, refusal to register transfers, investigation, freeze on voting rights, etc.
  • Advisory services in corporate law matters including FEMA, foreign direct investment, ECBs, takeovers, securities laws, stamp law, etc.
  • Indirect taxation - queries on service tax, VAT, sales-tax, etc
  • Mergers, de-mergers, corporate restructuring, schemes and arrangements.
  • Company law formalities such as incorporation, shifting of registered offices, compounding of offences, etc.

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