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Securitisation in India - Structuring Simplified | Mumbai | 3rd December, 2016


Our Latest Publications

Guide to Listing Regulations

by Aditi Jhunjhunwala




Guide to Start-Ups 

by Team Vinod Kothari Consultants




Your Queries on Companies Act, 2013

by Nidhi Bothra & Vinita Nair




Corporate Boards, Committees and Policies under the Companies Act

by Vinod Kothari



Guide to Structured Finance 

by Vinod Kothari




Guide to Independent Directors

by Vinod Kothari & Sikha Bansal


The Companies Act, 2013 with rules and forms

Key Highlights and Quick Reference Tables prepared by Vinod Kothari 


Understanding Companies Act, 2013

by Vinod Kothari and Team


Taxation of Lease Transactions in India 

by Vinod Kothari & Sikha Bansal


Guide to Housing Finance 

 - A Comprehensive Guide to Mortgage Lending

by Vinod Kothari


Overview of the Indian NBFC Sector

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