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Lease Financing and Hire Purchase



An authentic work by the guru of Indian leasing. Packed with information and advice, covers all product developments such as leveraged leases, infrastructure leases, cross-border leasing, bank leasing, vendor leasing and operating leases. Comprehensive coverage on legal, taxation and sales-tax issues, accounting methods, documentation (with models widely accepted by industry) and ready-for-use tables for calculation of rentals.

Lease financing and Hire-purchase by Vinod Kothari has been the single most important source of information and analysis on equipment leasing and hire-purchase in the Indian subcontinent for last 13 years. Now in its 4th edition, the book runs in about 2000 pages and comprehensively covers various aspects of leasing and hire-purchase.

The book was first published in 1985 - almost at a time when Indian leasing was taking shape. Vinod Kothari has been responsible, both by written and spoken words, for educating the leasing industry to its present status.

The 1996 edition is a in-depth analysis of the technical and business sides of the industry - most significantly, there is a very comprehensive, revealing analysis on the financials of leasing. Financial evaluation is taught with every possible aid to computation - from normal calculators, to financial calculators, to spreadsheets. All complicated workings are accompanied by spreadsheet formulae.

Vinod Kothari's Lease Financing and Hire-purchase is relied upon as the most authentic text on the subject in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other Asian markets. Some people exaggerate in their appreciation when they call it the Bible of Indian leasing.

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Part I : Lease Financing

Familiarisation Fundamentals of Financial Analysis Leas Evaluation for the Lessee Evaluation, Structuring and Pricing of a Lease: Lessor Evaluation

Part II: Basics of Hire purchase

Introductory Financial Evaluation of Hire-purchase for the Hirer Evaluation, Structuring and Pricing of Hire-purchase: Financier Analysis

Part III: Business Issues

Essentials of Non-banking Fund-based Financial Services Resource Mobilisation for Leasing and Hire-purchase Companies Marketing Lease and Hire-purchase Finance Credit Evaluation and Risk Management

Part IV: Technical Issues

Legal aspects of Leasing Lease Documentation Legal Issues in Hire-purchase and Documentation Enforcing Lease and Hire-purchase payments by Post-dated Cheques Income-tax aspects of Leasing: Provisions, Planning and Policy Direct Tax aspects of Hire-purchase Deals Interest-tax, Wealth tax and ModVAT issues Sales-tax on Leasing Transactions Sales-tax on Hire-purchase Transactions Accounting for Leasing Transactions Accounting for Hire-purchase Transactions

Part V : Products and Market Segments

Leasing by Banks and Financial Institutions Infrastructure and Real Estate Leasing Sale and Leasebacks Leveraged Leases Vendor Leasing Import and cross-border leasing Consumer credit

Publication data:

  • 4th edition 1996.
  • Published by Wadhwa and Company, Mehadia Square, Dhantoli, Nagpur (India).
  • Hard Bound with jacket
  • Pages 2000 approx.
  • Price in India: Rs.880/- (mail extra)
  • Price outside India: $150 including packing and forwarding by DHL
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  • $150.00
  • Where to get it from in India:

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